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Latest Gaming Consoles Available in the Market

Gaming consoles are a kind of computer device that consists of a high processing hardware system that outputs a video signal to a Tv screen or monitor where people can play games on it. Most of the gamers in the world prefer a gaming console instead of any kind of PC gaming or tablet as there might be a lot of lags while playing. If you are a hardcore gamer then choosing any gaming consoles will be the best options for you.

In this article, we have come up with some of the latest gaming consoles available in the market mentioning some specs and reviews of all those.

  • Microsoft Xbox One X

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Presented by Microsoft which manufactures operating systems as well as hardware systems the Microsoft Xbox One X is one of their top-rated gaming consoles available in the market. The Xbox One X is featured with six trillion floating-point operations per second with 12 GB of GDDR5 RAM and 4K HD graphical power with 60 Frames per second video output which makes the device a total beast in all the segments. Games like Call of Duty WWII along with PUBG runs just like a charm and you will feel just amazing while playing.

  • Play Station 4 Pro

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With close to 64 million items sold worldwide after its initial release, the Sony Play Station 4 pro has captured 62 per cent of its market share in this segment. Popularly known as PS4 this machine is built with high powered graphics including 60 Frames per second transition speed along with 4K video quality which generates high definition video gaming experience. The most interesting part of the Play Station 4 is that the company includes about 1,648 games in their library from which you can choose the best games for you.

  • Nintendo Switch

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If you are looking for a portable gaming console which can be played at home connecting with Tv or any other display monitor or carry along with yourself and play anywhere you want then the Nintendo Switch is the best gaming console you can choose from. This console is so portable that you can disable it with split-screen options and play anywhere with your friends. The graphics are smooth enough wit 60 FPS and the video transition is 4K display.

The above mentioned were the best and the latest gaming consoles available in the market. We have provided enough specs and features for you so that you can choose the best option for you. Thank You for being with us.


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