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Take Off on a Career Flight with David Koch’s Smart Tips

September 9, 2019

Every individual’s wish is to excel in his or her career. Excellence is the key to success and some people get to experience it faster than others. While aiming at a salary increase, you must focus on the efforts required to get to it. This cannot happen overnight and is possible only if you pay […]

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The 10 best free games on console

August 31, 2019

The word free-to-play used to send cold shivers down our spines and while many games still use this model to coerce us into paying for myriads of micro transactions, there are a few that deliver some completely free experiences. Downloading and playing free-to-play games can often feel like a gamble, especially when you feel pressured […]

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Best co-op games to play right now

July 31, 2019

Sometimes it’s better not to go out there alone, and that’s where the best co-op game come in. Playing a really great game is often made better by pairing up with a buddy or two, whether that’s online or physically next to each other on the sofa. Finding another intrepid digital world explorer to save […]

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Latest Gaming Consoles Available in the Market

June 22, 2019

Gaming consoles are a kind of computer device that consists of a high processing hardware system that outputs a video signal to a Tv screen or monitor where people can play games on it. Most of the gamers in the world prefer a gaming console instead of any kind of PC gaming or tablet as […]

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The Best PC Games You Should Never Miss

May 31, 2019

Not only is the PC the best platform for enjoying games, but it also offers the broadest range of titles. That means the choices we face when deciding what’s going to take up hours of our lives can be overwhelming. That’s where this guide comes in, suggesting the best PC games you should be playing […]

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REVIEW / My Memory of Us (PS4)

March 31, 2019

There are many different ways to tell a story in a game; whether it be through dialogue or text, we need those strands of plot to ground us and absorb us into the game world. This is an absolutely obvious point, and unless you’ve been playing sports sims all your life, this is something you’ll […]

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Best PC Multiplayer Games of 2019

March 31, 2019

Apex Legends Apex Legends is quite literally the surprise multiplayer hit of 2019 when it launched unexpectedly in early February. Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play battle royale title that cribs from the studio’s Titanfall franchise released pretty much out of nowhere after a few leaks, and quickly became a serious contender against Epic Games’ Fortnite with 10 million […]

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REVIEW / Slay the Spire (PC)

February 22, 2019

The more powerful skill cards are picked up by defeating the dungeon’s denizens. This means that you have no idea what mix you’ll get during your game and stops you falling into an over-used play style where you just spam the same skills repeatedly. You have to be smart as you go too. Each time […]

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REVIEW / The Hex (PC)

January 31, 2019

The Hex is a difficult game to review, for more reasons than one. But after how much I raved about the developer’s last title, Pony Island, I had to take a stab at this one too. The premise sounds relatively simple on paper: six video game characters representing different genres are staying at an inn, and the […]

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December 31, 2018

I’ve pretty much fallen out with the MMORPG genre. There’s a few reasons for this but the primary one is that they all start feeling a bit carbon copy after a while. There’s a basic formula that exists in many if not all MMORPGs regardless of their setting or style. Build character, run tutorial, find […]

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